I use fresh, locally-sourced and organic ingredients as much as possible. Most of my recipes include a smidgeon of whole grains and use slightly less sugar than traditional sweet treats. Seasonal items will be added as appropriate. Please ask for a more specific ingredient list on any item and I will provide it.

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Cookies {$15/dozen | $25/2 dozen} 

Madeleine’s Giant Chocolate Toffee My daughter’s favorite rich chocolate cookie with bits of buttery toffee

Lemon Lime Basil Shortbread Fresh basil, lemon and lime zests make these crunchy shortbread cookies refreshingly unique

Pistachio Cranberry Icebox With a hint of orange zest and drizzled with white chocolate

Chocolate Chip Made with Ghirardhelli semi-sweet chocolate chips and toasted walnuts

Heather’s Ginger Snaps A spicier, chewy version of the original ginger snap

Cakes 9-inch round {$40}

Chocolate Layer Cake Made with sour cream and cocoa and frosted with the best chocolate icing ever, this 3-layer cake will delight any chocolate lover

Coconut Cream Cake 3 layers of fluffy cake with toasted coconut and walnuts, rum, and rich coconut cream, frosted with coconut cream cheese buttercream and topped with more toasted coconut

Omi’s Carrot Cake My mother’s recipe of 2 layers with pineapple and walnuts, with rum-flavored cream cheese frosting

Texas Sheet Cake 10×18-inch sheet traditional chocolatey cake made to feed a crowd and frosted with chocolate icing. Please indicate with or without walnuts in the icing.

Pies, Cobblers and Crisps {$18 for 8.5”| $20 for 9.5”}

Key Lime A double layer family favorite, with traditional baked layer topped with a light cream cheese layer, on graham cracker crust

Carmel Nut Tart Buttery single crust with chocolate, caramel, pecans and walnuts

Apple Pie (seasonal) Traditional deep-crust pie made with local tart apples

Max’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream A layer each of chocolate and peanut butter custard on graham cracker crust, topped with whipped cream

Peach Cobbler (seasonal) Fresh peaches and spices baked with a sweet biscuit topping

Cupcakes mini {$15/dozen-$30/2 dozen} or full size {25/45}

Chocolate with Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream Chocolate buttermilk cupcakes with your choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream

Vanilla with Chocolate or Vanilla Buttercream Vanilla buttermilk cupcakes with your choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream

Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting Like mini carrot cakes!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream, drizzled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with toasted chopped peanuts

Lemon Lemon zest and buttermilk cupcakes with a lemony frosting

Scones {$20/dozen | $35/2 dozen}

Ginger Cream Crystallized ginger adds a kick to these rich scones

Lemon Lavender Buttermilk, lemon zest and lavender flowers

Cherry Chocolate Dried cherries and mini chocolate chips, almond flavoring, and a sweet heart shape

Coffee Cakes and Sweetbreads

Cardamom Sour Cream Coffee Cake Rich, satisfying, and made in a Bundt pan this will make a welcome addition to any brunch {$35}

Pecan Cinnamon Coffee Cake Traditional coffee cake with brown sugar streusel topping {$25}

Blueberry Coffee cake Sour cream coffee cake swirled with fresh blueberries and topped with cinnamon sugar streusel {$20}

Ms H’s Favorite Banana Bread Crème fraiche and toasted walnuts make this moist banana bread a quick favorite {$15}

Pumpkin Bread (seasonal) Raisins and pumpkin seeds dress up this classic sweet bread {$15}

Muffins {$20/dozen}

Orange Date Moist and delicious with fresh orange juice and zest and blended dates

Cinnamon Blueberry Simple and satisfying, made with brown sugar and fresh berries

Carrot Cake Less sweet than the cake and with no frosting

Gingerbread (seasonal) Raisins and lots of spices make these a special winter treat

Pumpkin (seasonal) Topped with pumpkin seeds, made with plump raisins and whole grains

Specialty Desserts

Nate’s Tiramisu Classic ladyfingers soaked with espresso and orange liquor, layered with smooth mascarpone and whipped cream with rum, and topped with cocoa. Served with crème anglaise. {$60}

Berry Trifle (seasonal) Butter cake and lemon curd layered with fresh berries and whipped cream {$50}

Chocolate Toffee Trifle Chocolate cake layered with toffee chips and tons of whipped cream {$50}

 Winter Offerings

Gingerbread Ginger root and molasses and the usual spices make this a rich and satisfying cake 

Apple Pie Deep dish pie with fresh local apples and spices

Pumpkin Muffins Topped with pumpkin seeds, made with plump raisins and whole grains

Notes:  Craving a certain something from your childhood, or just had a delicious treat at a party that you just can’t stop thinking about? Don’t see your favorite dessert on my menu? Just ask- it’s likely I can make it! Also, I am happy to customize to your taste within reasonable limits. 

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