People have often told me, after tasting my desserts, that I could sell my confections and often asked why I had not opened a bakery. Well, finally, here I am, doing what I love and sharing with the wider world!



I’m a mother of two and a former youth counsellor by profession. I realized recently that it was high time I did what I love, and left my professional work so that I could jump into baking using all of my energy. Thanks to my family’s unwavering support, it seems my dreams might be coming true!

I’ve been an avid baker ever since I made my first batch of brownies as an 8 year-old, and watched my family and friends picking up every last crumb and smiling. I loved kneading the bread dough when my mother took the dishcloth from the rounded mound of dough in the bowl, and relished the challenge of spreading pizza dough all the way to the edges of the pans on pizza night. My mother and her mother before her were dedicated cooks and bakers, so I suppose it runs in the family. As I grew older, I joined my older sister and mother as the special-occasion bakers in the family, and soon at every gathering and event people looked expectantly to see what new treat I was bringing to share this time. The sound of happy sighs and the contented smiles as people sit back and rub their tummies after tasting a particularly scrumptious creation never ceases to bring me joy.


Better World Baking evolved from my concern for our planet, respect of healthful and organic foods, and passion for sharing delicious treats with others.

1. Protecting Our Planet

I package my goods with reusable, recycled, and compostable materials.

2. Creating Health Conscious Pastries and Desserts

I am committed to using organic, local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible

3. Community Outreach

Every month I will choose a charitable organization to which to donate a percentage of BWB profits, and I’ll write about that organization on the website.

4. Making a Difference

As customers, you can help by returning the reusable containers, and even suggesting good non-profits to give to. Together we can save resources and make a difference!